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Onion, Walla Walla

Onion, Walla Walla

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Allium cepa

Huge, sweet summer onion is unrivaled for mild flavor and huge size!

This delicious summer treasure, though not long-keeping, is superb for fresh eating, with mild, sweet flavor. Bulbs easily reach 3" across, with some whoppers. Eat first, saving other varieties for winter storage. Can also be planted in late summer (August in the Treasure Valley) for spring onions the following season. Open-pollinated.

Seeds grown by Earthly Delights Farm in Boise, Idaho.

150 seeds.

Directions: Start indoors in late winter. Plant seeds ¼“ deep and ¼“ apart in a single pot. Trim edible tops with scissors down to 2" to thicken bulbs. Transplant in mid-spring, 3" apart & 1" deep. Or, direct seed in August in mild-winter areas.

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