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Squash, Lower Salmon River

Squash, Lower Salmon River

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Cucurbita maxima

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A delicious big beauty of an Idaho-bred winter squash! 

This sultry and long-keeping winter squash is right at home in our bioregion. Its salmon-colored skin with teal undertones pleases the eyes and its flaky, dry, sweet flesh satisfies the ole belly. Useful for a wide-ranging variety of cooking techniques--we love it for everything from pancakes to soup, muffins to pickling. Rare open-pollinated variety grows fruits that average 5-15 pounds! Dig in!

Seeds grown by Winnower Farm in Dry Creek Valley, Idaho. 

15 seeds

Directions: Direct seed after last frost, when soil has warmed, or start indoors 2-3 weeks before transplanting. Be gentle with the roots if transplanting. Either plant 2-3 plants per hill, with 6’ between hills, or plant in rows 3’ apart.  

For optimal keeping qualities, be mindful of the stem when harvesting to keep it intact. Let fruits sun-ripen for a week to ten days once harvested, but do not allow them to freeze while sun ripening. Can store close to a year with proper conditions (around 50 degrees F, around 70% humidity). Do not pile winter squash when storing long-term.

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