Carrot, Rainbow Mix - Add The Words!

Carrot, Rainbow Mix - Add The Words!

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Daucus carota

This packet is a part of our "Carrots For Human Rights" project.

Because all people deserve protection from discrimination. Whatever hurts one of us, hurts us all.

Diversity in carrots is wonderful, and so is diversity in gender identity and sexual orientation! For 10 years, Idahoans have been trying to get the words "sexual orientation" and  "gender identity" added to the Idaho Human Rights Act. We believe all people deserve protection from discrimination, and it's high time the Idaho legislature reflected the will of the people by ADDING THE WORDS! Proceeds from this packet go to the Add The Words campaign.

250 seeds.

Seeds grown by Twisp River Seed in Twisp, WA, Butterfield Farm in Weiser, ID, Earthly Delights Farm in Boise, ID, Fiddler's Green Farm near Boise, ID, Purple Sage Farm in Middleton, ID, and Freezone Farm in Nine Mile Falls, WA.

Directions: Direct seed outdoors as soon as soil can be worked. Thin to 1-2" spacing. Plant in midsummer for fall or winter harvest.

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