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Columbine, Golden Spurred
Columbine, Golden Spurred

Columbine, Golden Spurred

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Aquilegia chrysantha

Beautiful perennial brightens up shady corners with cheery blooms!

This low-care, hardy Southwest native perennial easily naturalizes itself in shade or part-sun, throwing out a mass of bright yellow flowers on whimsical stems in late spring. Excellent for meadows, or alone under trees for showy spring impact! Open-pollinated.

Seeds grown by Flowers with Rye in Boise, Idaho.

400 seeds.

Directions: Direct seed in fall or winter for best results. Or put seeds in wet sand in refrigerator for 2-3 months before planting outside or into pots in spring.

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For more information about growing Golden Spurred Columbine, please refer to the USDA Plant Guide.