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Bulk Native Wildflower Seed Mix

Bulk Native Wildflower Seed Mix

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A gorgeous mix of Idaho and Great Basin Native plants that can be seeded over a larger area for year-long color, beauty, and food for wildlife and pollinators. Contains the following varieties:

8% Arrowleaf Balsamroot

20% Rocky Mountain Bee Plant

10% Yellow Bee Plant

.625% Goldenrod

8.75% Lupine

4% Mule Ears (Wyethia)

20% Palmer Penstemon

8% Showy Goldeneye

20.625% Sunflower Wild West

*At Snake River Seed Cooperative, we source our seeds from 43 farmers within our region. Occasionally, we have seed varieties that go out of stock. If a variety from this seed mix is out of stock and the mix is ordered before we are able to update the product list, we will substitute a different, but similar seed in the mix.

Creating a native wildflower meadow is challenging. We are unable to provide site-specific advice for planting, and therefore we strongly recommend that you work with a local landscape professional for consultations about installation and maintenance. 

1 pound covers 2,000 sq ft.

Directions: Scatter seeds in fall for best results, or refrigerate in wet sand for 8 weeks before planting in spring. Rake in gently.

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