Beginning Seed Saver Pack

Beginning Seed Saver Pack

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Empower yourself to learn the awesome skill of seed saving with our epic seed saving zine and 5 packets of easy-to-grow, easy-to-save seeds.

The zine includes directions on how to select, isolate, harvest, clean, and store seeds from dozens of common garden veggies and herbs, as well as some basic botany and scrumdiddlyumptious inspiration for why it's a wonderful practice to save your own seeds.

This seed saver pack includes:

  • Red Velvet Lettuce
  • Payette Tomato
  • Provider Bean
  • Cilantro
  • Champion Radish

*At Snake River Seed Cooperative, we source our seeds from 36 farmers within our region. Occasionally, we have seed varieties that go out of stock. If a variety from this collection is out of stock and the collection is ordered before we are able to update the product list, we will substitute a different, but similar packet in the collection.