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Collard Greens, Sexy Mama

Collard Greens, Sexy Mama

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Brassica oleracea

These beauties are a work in progress, dancing between collards and kale in all the most delicious ways.

This beautiful mama collard green plant started my seed saving career, and for a decade since, I've been letting her promiscuously cross with overwintered kale to celebrate her superior cold-hardiness and voluptuous size but bring in some of the tenderness and crinkle of kale. A wild and wonderful work in progress! Open-pollinated.

Collard Greens came to the US by way of African slaves, and were one of the few foods they were allowed to cultivate for themselves on plantations. They have become a staple of Southern cuisine, but we in the North are a bit slower to catch up...cook them a bit longer than kale and they'll act similarly. I love how well they can hold their own in soups.

Directions: Start indoors, 1/4" deep, and transplant out in spring, or direct seed mid-spring. For fall crop, seed indoors late May and transplant out quickly. Thin to 2' apart.

Seeds grown by Earthly Delights Farm in Boise, Idaho.

145 Seeds.

 Directions: Direct seed in spring or start indoors in early spring & transplant outside after 4-6 wks.

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