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Bean, Yard Long

Bean, Yard Long

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Vigna unguiculata sesquipedalis

A.K.A. Noodle beans, the Asian specialty that grows 18″ long!

One of the most thrilling plants to grow. As the vines climb their trellis, they put out super long, uniquely flavored beans that make for delighted pickers as well as authentic stirfries and curries. Not quite a yard long, but definitely 12-24"--not too shabby! Image shows the green yard longs alongside their Red Noodle Bean counterparts (but the packet just contains the green ones).  Pole, 80 days. Open-pollinated.

Seeds grown by Green Phoenix Farm in Salt Lake City, Utah.

40 seeds.

Directions: Direct seed outdoors after last frost. When using poles, plant 6 seeds around base.

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