Onion, Dakota Tears

Onion, Dakota Tears

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Allium cepa

Excellent, long-keeping storage onion selected for vigor and pest resistance. 

Breeder David Podoll selected this onion for its insect and disease resistance as well as for size, storability, and overall vigor for over 20 years. Hard round bulbs reach 3" across. Their narrow necks make them a superb storage onion. Long-day type. OP.

Seeds grown by Fiddlers Green Farm in the Dry Creek Valley near Boise, Idaho.

150 seeds.

Directions: Start indoors in late winter. Plant seeds ¼“ deep and ¼“ apart in a single pot. Trim edible tops with scissors down to 2" to thicken bulbs. Transplant in mid-spring, 3" apart & 1" deep.

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