Chrysanthemum, Shungiku Edible

Chrysanthemum, Shungiku Edible

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Chrysanthemum coronarium

Young leaves and flowers add tangy interest and color to salad mixes!

Easy care edible annuals grow finely-lobed, tangy leaves that add punch and interest to salad mix. Offers a profusion of edible, daisy-like flowers that run the gamut of yellows and whites, singles and doubles, blooming all summer and into fall! Delicious when battered for tempura. Open-pollinated. 21 days.

Seeds grown by City Gardens in Garden City, Idaho and Flowers with Rye in Boise, Idaho.

250 seeds.

Directions: Direct seed in spring and harvest when leaves are 3-8" tall. To grow flowers, give plants 9" spacing.

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30 baby, 45 full leaves