DIY Wedding Favors - Great Basin Wildflower Mix

DIY Wedding Favors - Great Basin Wildflower Mix

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Share these seeds with your friends and family so they can remember your special day for years to come!

Treat your wedding guests to a gorgeous mix of Idaho and Great Basin Native plants that can be seeded in their gardens for year-long color, beauty, and food for wildlife and pollinators. You can use these seeds to fill packets you've created for your special day, or use them to make your own seed bombs for your guests. When filling your packets, use a measurement of 1/2 teaspoon per packet, which contains 500 seeds. We have created the mix so that you should have a little extra seed after packing if you measure carefully.

Cheers to planting the SEEDS of LOVE!

Contains the following varieties, with percentages based on seed weight, not number of seeds of each variety:

20% Rocky Mountain Bee Plant

15.75% Lupine

20% Palmer Penstemon

10% Yellow Bee Plant

8% Showy Goldeneye

5% Mule Ears (Wyethia)

9.375% Gooseberry Leaf Globemallow

5% Firecracker Penstemon

.625% Goldenrod

6.25% Bee Balm