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Garlic, Lorz Italian
Garlic, Lorz Italian

Garlic, Lorz Italian

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Allium sativum

Softnecks - Plant in USDA Zones 5-10
Softneck varieties are the better choice for gardeners in warmer climates. They will produce larger bulbs and can be stored for many months.

"Easy to peel softneck garlic is very flavorful and robust which makes it perfect for roasting. Lorz Italian has an excellent stand alone taste which works well in mashed potatoes and simple pasta dishes. This white bulb has occasional purple and brown streaks. Grows well in Southern and warmer Northern states and prefers well drained soil.
Hot and spicy garlic. Stores up to 9 months."
Description Source: Garlic Gods

Seed garlic sourced from Garlic Gods.

Storage instructions: Make sure to keep your garlic in this brown bag in a cool, dark, dry place until you are ready to plant it. 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal storage temperature. Air must be able to circulate freely around the bag. Do not store garlic in the refrigerator.

Sowing instructions: Garlic is best sown in the fall after the first light frost of the season. Bulbs should not be separated into cloves until just before planting. Sow with the point where the cloves attached to the bulb pointed down. We recommend mulching your garlic bed with a light layer of leaves to help with weed suppression and overwintering.

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