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Hollyhock, Mountain

Hollyhock, Mountain

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Iliamna rivularis

AKA Wild Hollyhock, a native perennial with showy flowers!

A beautiful, low-care, drought-tolerant native plant for sun or part shade. Reaches 4-5' tall with spikes of showy white and pale pink flowers on a bushy, stately plant. Stake plants if growing in full shade. OP.

Seeds grown by Bluebird Forest Garden in Orofino, Idaho, Ocho Farm in Buhl, Idaho, and the Idaho Botanical Garden in Boise, Idaho.

100 seeds.

Directions: Direct seed in fall or early spring, well before last frost. Or, start indoors and transplant out after last frost when plants have several true leaves. To aid germination if starting indoors, keep seeds in wet sand in fridge for at least one month before planting. Provide a stake if growing in full shade.

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