Pepper, Gernika

Pepper, Gernika

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Capsicum annuum

Beloved basque frying pepper, often referred to as chorizero / txorisero.

We received these seeds years ago from Lino Zabala, a Basque gardener who grows superb peppers in his Boise Bench garden. The mild, 6” long peppers grow prolifically and are picked green, fried whole in oil, and sprinkled with salt, enjoyed as a pintxos (appetizers). Gernika is Boise's sister city, and we are so grateful to the Basque gardeners who have shared them in Boise! OP; 70-90 days.

Seeds grown by Earthly Delights Farm and Flowers with Rye in Boise, Idaho.

30 seeds.

Indigenous people in modern day Mexico domesticated chiles from their wild crop ancestor the Chiltepin thousands of years ago, adapting it into so many unique and delicious varieties. When the European colonizers came, they took chiles back to Europe, referring to them as peppers because of their spicy flavor, which reminded them of peppercorns. Now chiles are beloved and cultivated by cultures all over the world, and despite the devastating legacy of colonization, the descendants of their original seed stewards continue to persist and cultivate them today.