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Pepper, Padrón

Pepper, Padrón

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Capsicum annuum

This superb Spanish frying pepper is a wild taste sensation, with every small, cone-shaped pepper being delicious....but be careful, sometimes they're HOT! Hot and mild peppers can co-exist on the same plant. Their deep, rich flavor makes them a wonderful seasoning as well as the star of the tapas platter. Generally they're picked and eaten green, which makes them a good variety for shorter-season areas where red peppers have a hard time ripening. Open-pollinated.

Seeds saved by Wild Rose Farm in Boise, Idaho.

30 seeds.

Indigenous people in modern day Mexico domesticated chiles from their wild crop ancestor the Chiltepin thousands of years ago, adapting it into so many unique and delicious varieties. When the European colonizers came, they took chiles back to Europe, referring to them as peppers because of their spicy flavor, which reminded them of peppercorns. Now chiles are beloved and cultivated by cultures all over the world, and despite the devastating legacy of colonization, the descendants of their original seed stewards continue to persist and cultivate them today.

Directions: Start seeds indoors 8 weeks before last frost. Use bottom heat to aid germination and be patient. Transplant after frost.

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