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Unknown species

Earthly Delights Farm included this Sorghum in their 2015 Grain Trial. The seed was originally from Wayne Carlson of The Teff Company in Caldwell, Idaho.

Here is a description from Wayne:

"This one has no anti-nutrients such as the feed varieties found in America. It is  for subsistence production.  Instead of short stature and uniform flowering for machine harvest, it is tall and tillers freely, with a steady pannicle production. The advantages of it are that it can be harvested over an extended time.  This frees up labor and decreases vulnerability to birds such as queela. Also storage is not such an issue if it keeps growing as it is consumed.
The lack of bitter anti-nutrients also makes it taste good and it probably is more favorable for humans nutritionally.
It is from the Omo valley in southern Ethiopia in an area slated to be inundated by a Chinese dam."
Seed grown by Earthly Delights Farm in Boise, Idaho.

150 seeds.