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Chard, Rainbow

Chard, Rainbow

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Even though we are out of rainbow chard seed for the 2021 season, we want to point you toward another awesome source: Adaptive Seeds, our friendly bioregional seed neighbors to the west, are offering rainbow chard seed grown by first-time seed producer Brian Wood at Sauvie Island Organics in Portland, Oregon. Casey and Brian have been great friends for years, and Casey's been ON Brian, who is an amazing organic farmer, to add seed production to his farm...this chard was his first very successful attempt! Congratulations for jumping into seed geek-dom, Brian, and three cheers to Adaptive seeds for supporting bioregional seed production in Western Oregon! 


Beta vulgaris

It’s vegetables like these that make you marvel at the wonders of this world.

The colors in this heirloom mix will have you donning your 80s gear and pumpin up the boombox--they're THAT neon! The most gorgeous combinations of red, pink, yellow, orange and white make eating your greens a hypercolor adventure. Keeps on cranking through the entire year. 28 days baby, 55 full.

Directions: Start indoors in early spring and transplant out in late spring, or direct seed late spring-early summer. Sow 1/4" deep and transplant or thin to 12" apart. Use row cover to guard against leaf miners.

Seeds grown by Earthly Delights Farm in Boise, ID and Freezone Farm in Nine Mile Falls, Washington.

125 Seeds.

Directions: Direct seed in spring. Thin to 4" spacing, with 16" between rows. Plant closer for baby leaves, 28 days to maturity.

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