Pea, Sugar Snap

Pea, Sugar Snap

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Pisum sativum

Like eating candy from the vine! The edible podded harbingers of spring!

There is nothing better than the first harvest of sugar snap peas to awaken us to the ever-renewing miracles of the earth. These 5-6' tall plants throw out baskets of sweet treats in an exuberant celebration of the lengthening days to come!

Sugar Snap peas were bred in Idaho by Dr. Calvin Lamborn, who spotted this soft-podded off-type in a field of shelling peas in 1979. You can read about him here. Wild peas originated in the Mediterranean basin, and they are one of the world's oldest cultivated crops. OP.

Seeds grown by Fellowship Farms in Paul, Idaho.

45 seeds.

Directions: Direct seed in early spring or August for a fall harvest. Stake or trellis for easy harvest.

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