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Pumpkin, Jack-O-Lantern

Pumpkin, Jack-O-Lantern

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Cucurbita maxima*

Turn your yard into a pumpkin patch! The kids will come a-runnin! 

Nothing says fall like a mass of pumpkins, and these beefy beauties don't disappoint!

*Note to seed savers: Our seed stock claims to be Cucurbita maxima, but it looks to us like it could be C. pepo, so hand-pollinate if you want to save seeds from it and are growing other pepos. OP. 100 days to maturity.

20 seeds.

Seeds grown by B and B Farms in Kuna, Idaho.

Directions: Direct seed after frost, or start indoors 4-6 weeks before frost and transplant after frost. Provide full sun.

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